This is historic: The dollar will soon be worth more than the euro

the euro had fallen to a 12-year low of $1.05, down from as much as $1.39 just last year. That’s a 24 percent drop in 11 months, to be exact, and there’s no reason to expect it to stop anytime soon.

Sanctions against Russia and Ukraine from 31 July 2014

This guide outlines the sanctions imposed by the European Union from 31 July 2014 and the corresponding US sanctions. The sanctions are designed to discourage Russia from, in the words of the EU Regulation, “destabilising the situation in Ukraine”.

Bitcoin Must Create A Community-Backed FDIC

Bitcoin was created so that a decentralized peer to peer currency could manifest. Wouldn’t an organization or agency similar to the FDIC “centralize” Bitcoin and go against its principles?

Forex Scalping Your Way to Huge Profits

Forex scalping is one of the most popular methods of making money on the net and involves day trading and taking small regular profits that will eventually lead to huge gains over time. Let’s look at forex scalping in more detail.

Three Bioscience Breakthroughs

You can make huge gains investing in a breakthrough drug, but you can do even better putting your money into a new, cutting-edge technology platform that can fuel a company’s entire pipeline.
here are a few exciting new technologies to keep an eye on…

Bypass These Pitfalls to (Major) Profits in Bioscience

investing in experimental drugs can be an object lesson in volatility.

As the drugs progress toward FDA approval or denial, the stock prices of the companies backing them can be in for the same volatile ride.

The Golden Yuan Is Coming – Here’s How to Play It

The U.S. dollar has been the world’s de facto reserve currency for almost 90 years. But this financial dominance may be nearing its end.
China’s economic rise foreshadows increased influence.
It’s a trend that not only has serious implications, but also great profit opportunities, if you know what to expect…

يمكن أن يكون الألماس الذهب الجديد؟

هناك عدد صغير من خبراء الاستثمار حول العالم تتنافس وراء الكواليس لتحويل الأحجار الكريمة إلى سلعة التي ستكون متاحة للمستثمرين في الطريقة التي تم تداول أسهمها الذهب من خلال صناديق في البورصات.
التجارة في الماس محدودة في الولايات المتحدة لسوق التجزئة للخواتم الخطبة وغيرها من المجوهرات والمساومة الغرف الخلفية بين التجار في أماكن مثل حي الماس في مانهاتن في شارع 47 غرب

Now is the Time to Buy the “New Gold”

Like other commodity markets these days, diamond prices are most influenced by global economic growth. Larger developing nations, especially the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are growing their middle-class populations.

How to Beat the Market

After dealing with multiple market blowups, many investors question the strategy of simply buying a stock index and hoping for the market to improve by the time they retire. I believe that more active strategy is the better way to build wealth and make sure that a down market doesn’t wreck your savings.

تجارة العملات Currency Trading

تبادل العملات, او تجارة الفوركس هي المضاربة بأسعار بالعملة الرسمية لدولة معينة بعملة دولة اخرى. المضاربة بأسعار العملات هي بالأزواج. ترتفع قيمة العملة او تنخفض بشكل مستمر مقابل العملات الاخرى وبالتالي يختار تاجر الفوركس شراء او بيع زوج العملات لجني الارباح. سوق العملات الاجنبية هو اكبر سوق اقتصادي بالعالم مع تحرك يومي يقاس بأكثر من 1.4 ترليون دولار امريكي مما يجعل هذا السوق اكثر مجالات الاستثمار تذبذبا ورواجا وقابلية للربح. يعمل السوق على مدار الساعة وعلى مدار الاسبوع , من الاحد مساءا الى الجمعة مساءا موفرا بذلك اضخم سيولة عالمية للنقود مما يجعل الاستثمار بالمجال مناسبة لكل بيئة عمل واستثمار اقتصادي

Forex Trading in Dubai and Switzerland

تداول العملات الأجنبية في دبي وسويسرا

Dubai investors have turned to Forex following the downturn of the real estate market in Dubai and around the world. The number of Dubai forex brokers has increased as more and more investors seek profit-trading currency.

Dubai is a tax-free country; The benefits of trading forex in a tax-free country are amazing.

Forex Trading in Dubai-تداول العملات في دبي

Currency trading in Dubaiتداول العملات في دبي

is a part time income for some of Dubai young residents. Many trade currency during their job. Online currency trading is becoming a part time business in Dubai for some.

Currency trading can be very risky. It is very volatile market as compare to other financial markets. The base line for Forex or currency trading is to manage your risk line, which should include your strategy and proper planning.

US Forex Traders should look for US Brokers

Why US Forex Traders should look for US Brokers?
The United States is the most heavily regulated Forex industry in the world. All brokers must register with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and are members of the National Futures Association.


Ultimately, the most important contributors to trading success are twofold:

1) The development of concrete trading skills: pattern recognition, ability to execute sound trade ideas to create a positive expectancy, sound risk management;

2) The cultivation of the mental toughness, continuous learning, and discipline that enable you to adapt to new, challenging market conditions.

Tips for online currency trading

There are plenty of resources for online Forex trading. Many guiding manuals are offered free online, information websites, technical and fundamental analysis of the market, charts and news-updates registered with the system and even hands on training online. The forex reviews and market trends based on stock research should also be made accessible.